Message 1:CBIC Family warmly welcomes Hon'ble Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman and Hon'ble Minister of State for Finance Shri Anurag Singh Thakur.

Message 2:Under Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations 2018, all CFS custodians are advised to be on-boarded on ICEGATE MFTP module. Please check your email IDs for the template to fill. For further details please contact your respective System/Alternate System Manager.

Message 3:IEC Holders and Custom Brokers can now reply the queries raised by Custom Officers through the Query Reply facility available under ICEGATE Login.

Message 4:Please click here for downloading the Message Implementation Guide for Sea Carrier/Agents under new Sea Cargo Menifest Regulations.

Message 5:Simplified Registration for IEC holders is live on holders (Importer/Exporter) can now register at ICEGATE without Digital Signature. Registration is allowed with IEC and any of one GSTIN attached to it.Please choose one GSTIN carefully, pertaining to the IEC. Please click here to download the advisory.

Message 6:Registration/Application process to operate under new Sea Manifest Regulations, 2018 is now open. Please login with your ICEGATE ID/Password to submit the application. Non-registered users can first register themselves as per Registration Advisories available under Downloads Section on ICEGATE website home page. Details of the application process has been given in the Technical Guide (click here).

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कस्टम हाउस एजेंट+

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fu;kZrd@vk;krd vkbZlxsV ls ;s lqfo/kk,a ys ldrk gS vkSj Lo;a dkxt+kr dh E-Filing, E-Payment vkSj vius }kjk QkbZy nLrkostksa dh okLrfod le; nLrkost lkj [kkstus (fj;y Vkbe Vªsfdax)dh lqfo/kk,a (Real Time Traking and Query Status). vf/kd >>

संस्थागत सहभागी+

laLFkkxr O;kikfjd lgHkkfx;ksa ls lacaf/kr lwpuk] fn'kkfunsZ'k vkSj rduhdh dkxtkr ;gkWa izkIr fd, tk ldrs gSa A
vf/kd >>

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