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Communication Guidelines

All Exporters / Importers, Custom House Agents / Airlines / Shipping Agents and members of the trade are requested to take note of the facility of filing the documents on the Indian Customs EDI Gateway hereinafter referred to as ICEGATE. The facility for submission of documents through Service centre and floppy submission would, however, continue to be available for the members of the trade at present.

For Filing Shipping Bill, Bill Of Entry, IGM, CGM & EGM, steps involved are as follows

  1. Preparation
    • For RES Users:
    • The RES package has been available by National Information Center (NIC) at http://ices.nic.in

      The operation of the RES package i.e., the procedure for creation of the B/E & S/B would be the same as it was earlier for filing on the ICEGATE. However, the procedure for submitting the document is different in the case of ICEGATE.

      Members of the trade who do not wish to use RES package provided by NIC but wish to develop their own software for the creation of Shipping Bills/ Bills of Entry for filing on ICEGATE may refer to the Message Implementation Guidelines is available on www.icegate.gov.in

    • For Non RES Users:
    • The trading partners have to generate their own messages based on the messaging guidelines. These guidelines can be downloaded from

      http://www.icegate.gov.in >>> Guidelines >>> Message Implementation Guideline >>>. . These guidelines advise the Trading Partner about the message composition, validation rules and directory information

      Here message format should be identical to what has been explained in the Message Implementation Guidelines. A few sample messages of each of the document types are also provided in the guidelines.

      The generated file is to be mailed to respective Custom Houses.

  2. Transmission Mechanism

    The transmission mechanism for submitting electronic messages and related messages to the Custom House is listed in Annexure A. The JSON needs to be submitted using SMTP option as mentioned in Annexure A. It may be noted that there are two options available to the members of the trade for submitting the documents to the respective Custom House using ICEGATE. The Trading partners may choose one of the options according to their convenience.

  3. Obtaining Digital Signature Certificates (this will not be required at present).
    • In the present phase of operations, Digital Signature Certificates will not be required.However, going forward DG Systems intends to implement the Digital signatures in messages with its Trade Parteners

  4. Registration
    • The members of the trade desirous of carrying out transactions through ICEGATE must complete the registration process. The ICEGATE registration can be obtained using the Register Option of Trading Expert and filling the form at Annexure B online.

    • ICEGATE Member Registration
      The CHA/ Importer/ Exporter is required to fill the membership form enclosed at Annexure B online.

  5. Transactions
    • Once the registration formalities are completed, the members of the trade would be in a position to file and receive documents electronically through the Gateway on 24 X 7 basis. In the present phase of operations no fee will be charged. The fee structure, details and method of collection of the transaction fees will be intimated in due course.

  6. Seeking help
    • Helpdesk has been made available by ICEGATE at 24 X 7 basis. The Custom houses may also have helpdesk wherever possible.
      Users may contact at the following toll free number or e-mail address in case of any difficulty.

      Contact Us
      E-mail ID:icegatehelpdesk@icegate.gov.in

Annexure A

Transmission Mechanism
  1. Using SMTP optionView Details
  2. Using the file upload optionView Details

Annexure B

Membership Form
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