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About ICES

What is ICES ?
The Indian Customs EDI System (ICES) is now operational at 245 major customs locations handling nearly 98% of India's International trade in terms of import and export consignments. ICES has two aspects:

  • Internal Automation of the Custom House for a comprehensive, paperless, fully automated customs clearance system that makes the functioning of Customs clearance transparent and efficient.
  • Online, real-time electronic interface with the trade, transport,Banks and regulatory agencies concerned with customs clearance of import and export cargo through ICEGATE.
  • ICES is designed to exchange/transact customs clearance related information electronically using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). A large number of documents that trade, transport and regulatory agencies (collectively called Trading Partners) are required to submit/ receive in the process of live customs clearance are now being processed online.

Customs EDI Trading Partners: Summary

No EDI trading partner Nature of information exchanged through EDI No. of messages (approx.)
1 Importers/ Exporters/ CHA Bills of Entry/ Shipping Bills and related messages 13
2 Airlines / Shipping Agents / Shipping Line Manifests and cargo logistics messages 26
3 Air Custodians Cargo logistics messages 9
4 Sea Custodians Cargo logistics messages 18
5 ICDs Cargo logistics messages 6
6 Banks Financial messages – duty drawbac disbursal and customs duty payment 9
7 DGFT License, shipping bills and IE Code data 13
8 RBI Forex. Remmittance data 1
9 DGCIS Trade statistics 2
10 Directorate of Valuation Valuation data 2

Three Systems are major Components of Indian Custom automation

  1. The ICES running at 134 locations. ICES has to automatically receive and process all incoming messages. ICES generate all outgoing messages automatically at the appropriate stage of the clearance process.
  2. ICEGATE is the interface of ICES with the external world for customs clearance related messages and sharing of trade Statistics/Customs clearance data with licencing and regulatory agencies such as DGFT, DGCI&S, Ministry of Steel,RBI etc.
  3. RMS(Risk Management System) is the 3rd component which facilitates the compliant trade segregating the transactions requiring deeper scrutiny by customs officers.