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Trade Facilitation Measures During Outbreak of COVID-19

In view of the exigency due to outbreak of Corona Virus and, in order to facilitate the trade, CBIC has undertaken various Trade Facilitation measures. All Circulars & Notifications released under COVID-19 advisory are listed below:

S No. Subject Measures Taken Download Link
1 Exemption of customs duty on ventilators, personal protection equipment, covid-19 testing kits and inputs for these good. Ventilators, face masks and surgical masks, personal protection equipment, Covid-19 testing kits, and inputs for the manufacture of these items – have been fully exempted from customs duty Notification no. 20/2020-Cus,dt. 09-04-2020
2 Measures to facilitate trade during the lockdown period under section 143AA of the Customs Act, 1962 . Permitting the submission of undertakings in lieu of bonds for clearance of goods. Circular no. 17/2020-Customs dt.03-04-2020
3 Clearance of goods under India’s Trade Agreements without original Certificate of Origin. Provisional clearance of goods while extending preferential treatment, without the submission of original signed certificates of origin. Circular no. 18/2020-Customs dt.11-04-2020
4 Paperless Customs – Electronic Communication of PDF based Gate-pass and OOC Copy of Bill of Entry to Custom Brokers/Importers. Enabling electronic communication of out of charge, bill of entry and gate-pass to importers/customs brokers. Circular no. 19/2020-Customs dt.13-04-2020
5 Special refund and drawback disposal drive. Drive to expeditiously process all pending customs refund and drawback claims in order to provide immediate relief to business entities, especially MSMEs Instruction no. 03/2020-Customs; dt 09-04-2020