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Directorate General of Systems & Data Management

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs(CBIC) has initiated a number of projects aimed at harnessing Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in achieving the objectives of Customs and Central Excise administration. These projects are of far reaching consequence and will alter in a fundamental way, the manner in which the department delivers its services. The DG (Systems& Data Management) has been entrusted with the implementation of the projects related to Information & Communication Technology.

Responsibilities of the Directorate of Systems & Data Management
The Directorate General of Systems & Data Management

  • is responsible for the design, development, programming, testing, implementation and maintenance of Customs and Central Excise automated systems, and for overseeing and managing the projects sanctioned by CBIC related to IT.
  • is responsible for the management of all Centrally deployed Customs and Central Excise computer facilities, hardware, software, data communications
  • in the automated environment, acts as a point of reference and validation concerning procedural changes in Customs and Central Excise, in addition to being a resource centre on business process issues.
  • is responsible for identifying and evaluating new technologies for application to automated systems within the department.
  • is responsible for developing and maintaining all policy and subsequently, on the implementation of centralized systems, the operational aspects of the Department's Computer Security.
  • Establishes requirements for computer-to-computer interfaces between the department and various trading partners and government agencies
  • Represents Customs and Central Excise on matters related to automated processing and systems development
  • Implements information resource and data management
  • Video